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Supercharge Slackbots with RAG in real-time

February 16, 2024

Join us for a two-hour practical session designed to demonstrate how AI technologies can improve real-time communication. This workshop is led by the expertise of Bytewax and Softlandia Ltd., and is enhanced by the community spirit of AICamp.

Explore transforming Slack chats using the latest AI, diving into AI communication with live data, LLM, and the RAG technology.

This workshop is open to everyone, from those who appreciate the underlying principles to those who prefer hands-on learning. We emphasize Python, aiming to offer methods that are impactful and straightforward.

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Who will be you RAG instructors?

Zander Matheson
Zander is a seasoned data engineer who has founded and currently helms Bytewax. Zander has worked in the data space since 2014 at Heroku, GitHub, and an NLP startup. Before that, he attended business school at the UT Austin and HEC Paris in Europe.
Henrik Nyman
Co-Founder & Senior Software Architect at Softlandia
Henrik is a distinguished software architect and co-founder of Softlandia Ltd. His expertise spans the design of complex systems such as fully automated factory lines and state-of-the-art measurement devices. The practical experience is paired with a proficiency in Python, C/C++, Rust, and hardware integration, together with a field knowledge in optics, robotics and metrology.
Mikko Lehtimäki
Co-Founder & Data Scientist at Softlandia
Mikko is a data scientist, researcher and software engineer and one of the founders of Softlandia Ltd. He has a long background in working with data in all ways possible. Mikko has contributed to Llama-index and Guardrails-AI, two of the leading open-source initiatives in the LLM space. He is also the beloved host of our Data Science Infrastructure meetups.

An invitation to innovate, learn, and grow with us.

🆓 Free
🌎 Virtual
⏰ Two hours long
🖥️ Workshop Slack

Feb 16, 2024, 5:00 PM workshop

Supercharge Slackbots with RAG in real-time

The central part of the workshop covers LLM and RAG. We'll track what the conversation is about using LLM. We'll branch our stream to separate messages that contain a query. To generate responses to the queries, we will use LLM and RAG techniques.

More details are available on our blog.