Deploy machine learning models in minutes

Bytewax serverless machine learning platform lets you build custom pipelines to transform data and make predictions in real-time with no infrastructure headaches.

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Deploy machine learning models in minutes!
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Define a Swarm

Define a Swarm to process data and return a prediction.


Write Bees

Use pre-built worker Bees or write custom code to process data and make predictions.


Deploy it!

Deploy a production-ready endpoint.

Write reusable Bees to manipulate data and make predictions

Bytewax Bees are serverless functions that can be used in your swarm as part of a series of processes.

Meet the future of machine learning

Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers should be able to focus on creating and updating models and not maintaining infrastructure.

Easy local development

Easy local development

Run Bytewax locally as you are developing to speed up development time.

Save time on setup

Save time on setup

Bytewax is a serverless platform, no messing with infrastructure.

Reuse code

Reuse code

Modular Bees can be reused, imported and shared across the team or the whole Bytewax user base for knowledge sharing and efficiency.

Build complex workflows

Build complex workflows

A/B testing, Shadow traffic, Branching, Joins and more out of the box.

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