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Our company

Bytewax is a company that provides a platform for processing and transforming streaming data in real-time. The company's mission is to make stream processing faster and easier for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in stream processing.

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Our journey

Summer 2021

Bytewax Founded

Bytewax raised capital from amazing investors like Array VC, 8Bit Capital, Ascend, Liquid2VC, Precursor and more who believed in the vision.

February 2022

Bytewax is open sourced!

Open sourcing Bytewax - a stream processing framework:
šŸ Python native
šŸš€ Highly scalable
šŸŒ©ļø Cloud native

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August 2022

First ever company offsite!

The first company offsite takes place in Santa Cruz. Sailing, building strong relationships, and making memories, what can be better!

August 2022

Bytewax is used in production!

The first production workload using Bytewax! signifying the next step in Bytewax's journey.

July 2023

Microsoft Invests

Microsoft venture capital arm M12 invests in Bytewax through the GitHub fund. Bytewax joins other great companies with investment from Microsoft like unstructured.io, Open AI and more.

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August 2023

v0.17 Released with 10X Performance

Bytewax v0.17 was released with state recovery and 10x performance improvements.

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December 2023

Bytewax Platform Launch

The Bytewax Platform has entered the alpha testing phase, a select group of users are now able to try out the platform and provide feedback.

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January 2024

v0.18 Released with Joins and more!

Bytewax releases v0.18 with joins, branches, multiple IO, schema registry integration, type checking and autocomplete.

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February 2024

AWS Marketplace Offering

Bytewax is available through the AWS Marketplace.

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The Future

Who knows what the future will hold? But one thing is certain - Bytewax has many more exciting developments yet to come!

Meet our team

Our journey began with a shared goal to simplify data streaming. Today, we are a committed team of enthusiasts who are passionate about stream processing and deeply invested in the well-being of our users.
Zander Matheson
Zander Matheson
CEO, Co-founder
Zander is a seasoned data engineer who has founded and currently helms Bytewax. Zander has worked in the data space since 2014 at Heroku, GitHub, and an NLP startup. Before that, he attended business school at the UT Austin and HEC Paris in Europe.
Oli Makhasoeva
Oli Makhasoeva
Director of Developer Relations and Operations
Oli is a passionate technologist with a background in engineering, consulting, and community building. On a break from creating content, she loves to network online & in person at meetups, conferences, and forums.
Dan Herrera
Dan Herrera
VP of Engineering
Dan Herrera is the VP of Engineering at Bytewax. Before Bytewax, he worked at GitHub, specializing in designing large-scale streaming data systems. Previously, Dan worked at Simple--founding the first Data team before joining leadership as the VP of Engineering.
Esteban Miccion
Esteban Miccio
Software & Infrastructure Engineer
Esteban has worked in software development since 2002 in many companies and projects as a full-stack developer, architect, release engineer, and team leader. Passionate about DevSecOps, containers, cloud-native, and k8s, he is an AWS Certified Solution Architect, GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect, and Certified Kubernetes Administrator.
David Selassie
David Selassie
Software Engineer
David Selassie is a highly skilled and hands-on Engineering Leader who brings over a decade of expertise to the table. He spearheads the entire lifecycle of creating and implementing Bytewax's innovative platform. David's exceptional expertise in tech allows him to deliver cutting-edge solutions to nontrivial problems.
Federico Dolce
Federico Dolce
Software Engineer
All-around software developer, Federico started his career as a backend Python developer. He later worked on frontend, mobile and game development, and became interested in DevOps and k8s.
Konrad Sienkowski
Front-end developer
Konrad is a front-end developer & UI designer with 8 years of experience in developing websites & applications. His design background - graphic design & communication design faculties at university, combined with practice - makes him focus on user experience and details.