Streaming Speed Run with Bytewax in Seattle

January 31, 2024
Databricks Bellevue office

Step into a world where the passion for technology meets the joy of community converge in the heart of Seattle. This open source meeting is more than just a forum; it's a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and interaction, bringing together some of the brightest minds from Seattle Spark + AI, PyLadies Seattle, GDG Bellevue, PyData Seattle and Women Techmakers Seattle meetups.

Thanks to the generous support of Databricks and Delta Lake, the event will be a feast for the senses! Enjoy a wide selection of delicious food, sip on refreshing beverages, and grab some unique swag. Perfect for making meaningful connections.

Be sure to arrive early, as this unique combination of tech innovation, networking, and gourmet delights is a first-come, first-serve opportunity not to be missed.

Who's coming?

Oli Makhasoeva
Director of Developer Relations and Operations
Oli is a passionate advocate of open-source software with a background in engineering, consulting, and community building. When not actively contributing to Bytewax, where she leads developer relations, Oli enjoys networking online and in person at meetups, conferences, and forums.

Ready to stream your way to the top?

Databricks - Bellevue Office

500 108 Ave NE, 20th floor · Bellevue, WA

The meetup's agenda is composed of comprehensive expert-led sessions, each designed to provide an in-depth examination of current tech paradigms and future trends.

Jan 31, 2024, 7:10 PM (PST)talk

Streaming Speed Run with Bytewax

What is real-time? What is streaming data? Do I really need a stream processor? Oli will cover some of the basics around streaming data and how you can get started with your first stream processing project with the Python open source stream processor Bytewax.

Full agenda

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm Candy bar, Beverages and SWAG

6:30 pm - 6:40 pm Announcements

6:40 pm - 7:10 pm Lightning Talk by Craig Sexauer, Statsig, Data Scientist

7:10 pm - 7:40 pm Streaming Speed Run with Bytewax, Oli Makhasoeva, Bytewax

7:40 pm - 8:10 pm Panel - 'Ask us anything on Spark, Delta Lake, GenAI, and Databricks' with Denny Lee, Sr. Staff Developer Advocate, Databricks and Bilal Obeidat, Principal Product Specialist, Databricks

8:10 pm - 8:30 pm Networking + Cake bar

Bytewax and NumFOCUS community news

PyData Seattle is a part of the PyData series by NumFOCUS, data science enthusiasts transform into experts. It focuses on practical Python applications in data management and analytics. We're proud to support this innovative community, beginning with our debut at PyData London. More details are coming soon