Online event

Real-Time RAG with Haystack 2.0 and Bytewax

May 23, 2024

We invite you to a special event focused on Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), where you'll learn about the critical aspects of real-time AI technologies and their applications.

Discover how to improve your AI solutions with RAG and Directed Graphs (DGs), and see these technologies in action through practical examples with Haystack and Bytewax.

Who Should Attend:

πŸ€– AI and ML professionals focused on advanced architectures.

πŸ› οΈ Data engineers seeking LLMs for real-time processing.

πŸŽ“ Computational researchers and students exploring AI.

Who will bee 🐝 a star?

Laura Funderburk
Senior Developer Advocate
Laura Funderburk has a B.Sc. Mathematics from Simon Fraser University, and over three years of experience as a professional data scientist. Laura is enthusiastic about using open source for MLOps and DataOps and is passionate about outreach and education. In her day to day, Laura creates written content around building end to end scalable LLM pipelines with streaming data.

Learn to build efficient, real-time RAG pipelines!

πŸ†“ Free

🌎 Virtual

⏰ One hour long

May 23, 2024, 5:00 PM β€’talk

​Event Agenda πŸ“…

1. Understanding RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation)

  • Definition and significance in the AI landscape.

  • Use cases and benefits for enhancing model responses with external knowledge.

2. Introduction to Data Flow and Directed Graphs (DGs)

  • Basics of data flow in computing and its critical role in processing pipelines.

  • Introduction to DGs and their properties.

  • Examples of DGs in various data processing frameworks.

3. RAG as a DG

  • Explanation of how RAG can be conceptualized and implemented as a DAG.

  • The interaction between retrieval and generation phases in a RAG model.

  • Visualization of RAG workflows as DGs.

4. Building Real-Time RAG with Bytewax and Haystack

  • Introduction to Haystack and Bytewax.

  • Setting up RAG with Haystack.

  • Introduction to workers, state management and stream processing with Bytewax.

  • Mini example of real time RAG implementation.

  • Architectural Patterns for real-time RAG Implementations.

  • Laura Funderburk
    Senior Developer Advocate

Shoutout to the host! πŸ’›

A big thank you to AI Makerspace for hosting this event!

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