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The Open Source Analytics Conference

December 12 – 14, 2023

Mark your calendars for Dec 12-14 📆 OSA Con 2023 is all about open-source analytics and AI - it's not commercial, purely informational, and aimed at community building. It is a go-to place for developers to share information about popular OSS projects. It is FREE and VIRTUAL.

Why attend OSA CON?

  • OSA CON emphasizes the acceleration of AI and its profound impact on the world; the ways that AI is changing analytics–and also where it’s not.

  • OSA CON focuses on how builders are integrating AI into their products, communities, and changing the data landscape to learn about new techniques in analytics and see the code that makes them work.

  • OSA CON is all about celebrating Open Source Analytics in a fun, inspiring and practical way by finding insightful keynotes, introductions and updates on analytic technologies.

  • The spotlight is on the innovators of open source analytics rather than commercial interests.

See you there!

Dec 12, 2023, 5:50 PM talk

Real-Time Revolution: Kickstarting Your Journey in Streaming Data

Stream processing is hard! It's expensive! It's unnecessary! Batch is all you need! It's hard to maintain! While some of these may sound true, the world of streaming data has come a long way and it is time we start to take advantage of data in real-time.

This talk dips your feet into the world of streaming data and demystifies some of the common misconceptions. We will cover some of the basics around streaming data and how you can get started with your first stream processing project with the Python open source stream processor Bytewax.

The complete session recording is available for viewing 👇

  • Zander Matheson
    Zander Matheson