Connect with Bytewax at the Current conference

September 26 – 27, 2023
San Jose

Current captures the fast-moving data streaming movement, bringing this broad community together for learning, sharing, and networking to help data professionals unlock the value from their data.

Current 2023 is a technical conference for Event-Driven Design, Streaming Technology and Real-Time systems. Expanding upon Kafka Summit to include the broader ecosystem of streaming platforms, real-time analytics, and more, this is your opportunity to share your experiences and stories with your peers.

Meet our team at Current '23

Oli Makhasoeva
Oli Makhasoeva
Director of Developer Relations and Operations
Oli is a passionate technologist with a background in engineering, consulting, and community building.
Zander Matheson
Zander Matheson
CEO, Co-founder
Zander is a seasoned data engineer who has founded and currently helms Bytewax.
Dan Herrera
Dan Herrera
VP of Engineering
Dan Herrera is the VP of Engineering at Bytewax. Before Bytewax, he worked at GitHub, specializing in designing large-scale streaming data systems. Previously, Dan worked at Simple--founding the first Data team before joining leadership as the VP of Engineering.
David Selassie
David Selassie
Software Engineer
David Selassie is a highly skilled and hands-on Engineering Leader who brings over a decade of expertise to the table. He spearheads the entire lifecycle of creating and implementing Bytewax's innovative platform. David's exceptional expertise in tech allows him to deliver cutting-edge solutions to nontrivial problems.
Federico Dolce
Federico Dolce
Software Engineer
All-around software developer, Federico started his career as a backend Python developer. He later learned frontend development and Javascript, and then became interested in DevOps, containers, and k8s. Passionate about Rust, he is now helping us build the best data pipeline platform.

Learn with Bytewax

Build streaming future with us!

Sep 26, 2023, 1:30 PM (PST)talk

Need for Speed: Machine Learning in the Era of Real-Time

The world is impatient! Everyone wants to be aware of everything everywhere, all at once. Growing demand for quick decision-making has propelled the fascinating world of real-time machine learning (RTML) into the spotlight.

Over the years, brilliant minds developed and refined a number of fantastic ML techniques. Yet, the impatient users are boohooing: we want our data now (read: low latency), and we like our data fresh (read: dynamic data adaptability), and we also want it to be cheap (read: utilize resources efficiently).

In this talk, we'll explore the evolution of solutions to these challenges and how ML systems are advancing toward online inference and continual learning.

By the end of our talk, attendees will leave with an understanding of the latest RTML techniques and the essential factors to consider when designing and implementing real-time machine-learning solutions.

The complete session recording is available for viewing 👇

  • Oli Makhasoeva
    Oli Makhasoeva
    Director of Developer Relations and Operations, Bytewax

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Visit us at booth #401 to chat with our team of data enthusiasts and learn more about how Bytewax enables all Python users to transform their projects into real-time streaming apps with ease. We'll have demos, case studies, and of course, some awesome swag for you to take home.

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Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with our team! We are serving pour-overs all day long!

Bytewax team at the Current 23 conference