Online event

The State of AI Engineering Jobs in 2024

April 3, 2024

Mark your calendars for an enlightening virtual workshop on April 3rd, where you'll explore the dynamic world of Generative AI and its profound implications on the job market and the future of work.

The discussion will include topics ->

  • Prompt engineering with ChatGPT;

  • The expanding AI job market beyond tech hubs;

  • The role of AI in job creation vs. automation;

  • The evolution of remote work.

This session will include practical advice from the AI Makerspace community, insights from hiring partners, and a look at the future of remote work.

Join us for a session packed with actionable advice to kickstart your GenAI career this spring.

The event is expected to last around an hour.

Who will bee šŸ a star?

Laura Funderburk
Senior Developer Advocate
Laura has a B.Sc. Mathematics from Simon Fraser University, and over three years of experience as a professional data scientist. Laura is enthusiastic about using open source for MLOps and DataOps and is passionate about outreach and education. In her day to day, Laura creates written content around building end to end scalable LLM pipelines with streaming data.

Who is it relevant for?

šŸš€ AI Engineers aiming for a role in Generative AI;

šŸ“Š Leaders curious about industry hiring trends;

šŸ§ And those eager for a live dive into AI job market insights

P.S. Hosted by AI Makerspace

Apr 3, 2024, 5:00 PM ā€¢talk

The State of AI engineering jobs in 2024

Generative AI has supercharged the public consciousness and awareness of AI and the discussion around AI and the future of work. As AI Engineers or AI engineering leaders, where should we be using these tools, and what is the State of AI Engineering jobs heading into the spring of 2024, historically the best season for landing a new job.

  • This special event will be a discussion with šŸ‘ØšŸ«šŸ¤– "Dr. Greg" and Chris "The Wiz".

  • Live discussions with AIM community member Laura Funderburk, who recently joined Bytewax as a Senior Developer Advocate and who explores how to enable real time analytics within LLM powered pipelines with Bytewax.

  • Laura Funderburk
    Senior Developer Advocate